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Why HIIT For Fat Loss? (HOW IT WORKS!)

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Every wonder why everyone talks about HIIT for fat loss? It’s because it’s the best fat burning workout available! What makes HIIT workouts so effective? We’ll tell you in this video why we recommend HIIT for weight loss.

First of all, what is HIIT? It is high intensity interval training, which is intense cardio, usually involving bodyweight strength moves, that is done for a shorter period of time. It is cardio for fat loss that also helps you build muscle.

Let’s take a look at why HIIT is the best type of cardio. First of all, HIIT cardio can be done for much shorter periods of time than other typical types of cardio for fat loss. Instead of staying in the gym for an hour you can do a full body workout for just 12-20 minutes if it’s a HIIT workout. The intensity is what makes these shorter workouts possible. Many people also do HIIT as a home workout because frequently no equipment is needed.

Another reason HIIT is so effective for fat loss is because it taps into stored body fat during the workout. In our opinion HIIT is the best way to burn fat because it also helps boost your metabolism for many hours after the workout. If you’re looking for how to lose weight, diet is the first place to start making changes. However when it comes to cardio for weight loss, this type of full body workout is ideal.

Finally a couple of precautions for fat burning HIIT routines. Because HIIT is so explosive, it can help you burn fat fast but also can be hard on the joints. For this reason, HIIT cardio may not be for you if you have existing injuries. Also, try to stick with 3-4 max HIIT workouts per week due to the intensity.

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