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What Foods to Eat while Cutting

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Outside of Calories and Macros, the foods you eat make the biggest difference in your fat loss plan.

Strictly for fat loss it doesn’t matter what you eat.

Professor Mark Haub lost more than 20 pounds on a diet of twinkies, oreos and protein shakes. The evil carbs and fats can’t prevent fat loss as long as you’re in a deficit.

But the foods you eat highly influence how hungry you feel and how much you enjoy your diet. Hunger and Satisfaction affect how well you stick to the macros and calories. Which indirectly affects how well you lose fat.

*When choosing foods for fat loss there are 3 things you need to have in mind:

Satiety – Foods that fill you up with few calories
Cravings and Satisfaction – Eating foods you love
Micronutrient and Fiber Content
Let’s talk about how to best achieve all 3.

I first learned about macros two years ago. Back then I thought the best strategy while cutting was to eat as much quantity as I could for the macros I had.

I was eating a lot of veggies, a lot of potatoes, and tons of chicken breast.

It worked very well. I was never hungry, I had big meals but there was something missing. I still felt deprived. I remember was waiting for birthdays, holidays, and other social events to have an excuse eat tasty foods.

Only now I realized that satiety is not all that matters. To truly enjoy your diet, you also need to address cravings.

That’s what I did.

I’ve specifically made high calorie, dirty foods part of my daily fat loss plan. I no longer waited for cravings to come, I eliminated them by eating tasty foods every day.

Now, I’m a really big fan of chocolate. You can tell that when people send it to me from other countries like a drugs. These days while cutting I have a bar of chocolate almost every day.

I’ve learned that I’d much rather have some chocolate and give up on some filling foods.

But I can already see the comment section: OMG you can’t eat that every day. It’s so unhealthy. Well define healthy foods.

There’s no clear definition for that. The best one I’ve ever heard comes from Eric Helms. He said: “Your diet should be inclusive rather than exclusive. The truth is there is nothing inherently unhealthy about “dirty foods”. Rather because they are empty calories, if hey dominate your diet, you develop micronutrient deficiencies as a result.

But if nutritious foods dominate your diet. You get all your vitamins and minerals and fiber. And still have macros left for dirty foods, then including them won’t harm your health.

So here are my recommendations for food choices while cutting:

Get 80-90% of your macros from whole foods rich in nutrients
Make sure you get a good variety of veggies, fruits and proteins to get the full spectrum of vitamins and minerals.
Purposefully include high calorie foods in your plan
Now, to fully enjoy freedom with your food choices you also need a good diet structure. Next time we’ll talk about how many meals you should have and how to distribute food throughout the day for maximum enjoyment. Stay tuned!

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