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Leg Strengh – Knee Flexion – Level Beginners

Start right now strengthening your legs, anytime,anywhere.
All you need is some support for balance like a chair or a wall.


1. Stand straight, place your hands behind your lower back and the raise your heel back trying to reach your hand fingers.You should feel your hamstrings muscles engaging.
2. Slowly go down to stand position again.
Repeat 10-15 times each leg

Always consult a physician before performing any physical activity.
Warm up between 5-7 minutes of light cardio coupled with stretching the major joints of your body before engaging in your exercise routine.
Perform all exercises under control.
Adjust the intensity of your exercise regimen by changing the amount of sets/reps/weights and or duration of the workout.
Don’t hold your breath while exercising.
Cool down ofter training by engaging in 5-10 light cardio plus more stretching
If you feel pain. dizziness or nausea while preforming exercises’ stop working out immediately and get assistance.

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