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HOW I PREPARE FOR CHEAT DAYS | Full Day Of Cutting | Lose Fat FAST

CHEAT DAY prep | Full day of CUTTING to LOSE FAT FAST and prep for a cheat day | Full day of eating before a cheat day #cheatday #fulldayofeating #fatloss

Back with another highly requested vid going through what I eat in a day to lose fat fast and prepare for cheat day food challenges where I can sometimes eat upwards of 10000 calories.

The simple answer to this is that I eat in a calorie deficit throughout the week to offset what i plan on eating in the cheat day BUT i am somewhat fortunate I guess in that my maintenance is so high and that i find it very easy to burn calories meaning I’m by no means starving myself of calories and rarely go below 3200 calories which is still A LOT.

That coupled with diet hacks to lose weight like intermittent fasting, eating low calorie high volume foods, drinking lots of water and just keeping busy overall and it really isn’t as bad if at all as you may think.

If anything, this full day of eating may help those wondering how to lose fat fast with a few food/meal ideas and healthy recipes so let me know if you’d like more of these in the future. We had a full day of eating refeed edition last time as a mini cheat day so maybe the next raw vlog could be a sample meal plan or diet of a full day of eating for bulking showing what I eat in a day to build muscle if I’m NOT prepping i.e. my usual 45000 calorie full day of bulking for muscle gain

Nonetheless, do I advise that you cycle your calories throughout the week so drastically? Not really in terms of muscle growth it’s likely not optimal which is again, why I can do these as you know me, I really couldn’t care less about being optimal.

For another video where i go through my cheat day prep and my diet set up on how to lose fat fast then check out this full day of eating for fat loss that i did a while ago which includes more specific stats and science about energy balance and calorie cycling –

Anyway, sit back relax and enjoy a cheat day prep where I bring you through a full day of intermittent fasting in yet another more “raw” style of vlog.

The support lately and feedback on these full day of eating and cheat day food challenges has been great so THANK YOU all! It genuinely means the world so if you’re new here then don’t forget to:


to the channel, give the full day of eating a like and comment below any more video suggestions for vlogs, cheat days, 24 hour food challenges and full days of eating like this, you know I take note of everything.


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DISCLAIMER – I (Scott Murray) am not a doctor or medical professional thus any dietary/training advice given in the video is based purely on scientific research/anecdotal evidence. Please consult with a doctor and/or an equally qualified Health Care Professional prior to starting any diet/training program and/or using any of the information given in the video. I (Scott Murray), do not assume liability for any actions/side effects/illness/injury/economic loss and/or death from any nutritional/training advice given in the video.


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