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Fat Facts and How to Lose Body Fat

How do you feel about fat?

Fat is probably the most commonly misunderstood nutrient.

As a nutrient, and as a concept in fitness, fat can be all too confusing. This confusion is also the reason the nutrient is so widely vilified. I want to demystify this often-vilified nutrient and dig deeper into some of its lesser-known virtues and facts. The more you know, the better you can reach your fitness goals as they relate to fat, and in particular, body fat.

We’ll be kicking this episode off with some general “fat facts.” Then move on to infamous body fat. Most people are most interested in how to lose this fat–don’t worry, we’ll be covering that as well! We’ll also be talking about differences in the fat loss process for men and women, and how to best and most effectively address this concern.

Let’s dive right in!

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