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Blade™ Strongman Abs Workout (STRONGER, SCULPTED ABS)


Just like any other intense workout, proper ab training requires a proper warm-up to get the body ready to work.

Perform 3 sets of bodyweight planks – holding for 60 seconds each to get that core bracing locked in.

Then perform 3 sets of bird dogs – 10 reps on each side to practice core stabilization and ensure your entire core is ready for action.

For these, simply set up on all fours, then extend your arm and opposing leg out straight, until parallel with the floor, return to the starting position and repeat alternating side to side.

Everyone knows that nutrition plays a huge role in helping to expose your abs. But if you really want your six-pack to pop, you have to build them in the gym. This workout is designed to carve your abs so deep that they’ll still look great even if your body fat creeps a little higher than it should be. And even if that happens, don’t worry, you’ve got the power of Blade on your side.

The breakdown is simple. There are 6 exercises for you to do in a circuit format.

Perform each exercise at 100% intensity for 30 seconds. Rest 15 seconds between exercises.

After you finish all 6 exercises, take 2 full minutes to rest and rehydrate.

Then repeat the circuit all over again, for a total of 5 times.

The entire workout should take you 30 minutes.

Exercise #1: Barbell Rollouts
Grab a barbell with a plate on each side. Get down on all 4s with your hands on the bar. Roll the bar out as far as you can go, leading with your hips and bracing your core as you extend; then contract your abs to pull the bar back in under your shoulders again. Pull with your abs, not with your arms. To increase the difficulty, you can use smaller plates on the bar, as the lower it is to the ground, the harder it will be. If you’re extremely advanced, you can also attempt to perform these from your toes instead of your knees.

Exercise #2: Plate Sit Ups
Next we have plate sit ups. Set up in a sit up position holding a plate directly above your chest. Sit up, flexing your abs and as you raise, drive the plate straight overhead so that you finish with your arms in line with your ears, supporting the weight overhead then control back down to the starting position. Perform as many of these as you can in the 30 second time limit.

Exercise #3: Barbell Side Bends
Now we’re going to really hammer the obliques. This is a similar movement to the side bend you see with guys holding a dumbbell or plate at their side, only way more challenging and taxing on the obliques and core. Stand with a barbell straight overhead, arms outside shoulder-width. Lean to one side, then flex your obliques to bring the bar back over to the other side. Control the eccentric and be explosive on the concentric.

Exercise #4: Dragon Flags
Now we’re going to really hit the lower abs and work on bracing the core even more. Set up on a bench grabbing on behind your head. Keep your body straight like a board and raise your entire lower body and core up off the bench, like a leg raise but with your whole body in line with your legs. If you can’t quite do these yet, you can perform a leg raise pulse up instead where you lift your legs then drive your hips into the air and control back down. Perform as many of these as you can before the 30 seconds is up.

Exercise #5: Single Arm Farmer Walks
Next we have one of my favourite strongman core movements – single arm farmer walks. Grab the handle or a heavy dumbbell in one hand and walk as many lengths as you can for the full 30 seconds. Keep your torso upright – having the weight off to one side forces you to engage your core the entire time to support the weight and really builds strength and endurance in the obliques. Alternate arms each round so that you evenly work each side throughout the workout.

Exercise #6: Tire Sledges
We saved the best for last. Grab that sledge with a tight grip and alternate side to side smashing down on the tire with full body power and momentum, just make sure you don’t let go of it so you don’t kill someone standing near you. These will blast your core and crank up the heart rate to finish off this workout right.

And that’s the Strongman Abs Workout – Powered By Blade!

Do this workout 2x a week and you’ll be amazed at the deep, sculpted abs that appear in almost no time.

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