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$50 FOR A WEEK OF CUTTING (all meals shown + FREE PDF) | Fat loss meal prep on a budget

Weight loss diet plan | Budget meal prep for weight loss | 50$ for a full week of cutting diet for fat loss #fatloss #weightloss #mealprep What is the best diet plan for weight loss and fat loss?

Well, in reality, when it comes to weight loss, the best diet plan for fat loss is the one that you can adhere to and has you eating in a slight calorie deficit.

However, if you do want to be very “picky” and design a meal plan for weight loss based on the science, there are several tips and tricks which you may want to use to make the diet plan more effective, enjoyable and sustainable.

Most of which can be found in this fat loss video –

Therefore, although not the “perfect diet” by any means, this video will guide you through a step by step guide to meal prep for a full day of eating for bodybuilding and weight loss based on the science. And what’s better is that it all comes out to 50$ for the WHOLE WEEK!

After the meal prep for muscle gain video this has been a highly requested one so as it is peak cutting season, hopefully this meal prep diet plan gives you some structure to follow if you are currently not sure what is the best diet for weight loss and fat loss.

Also, much like the muscle gain diet plan, I have compiled the entire fat loss meal plan into a snazzy FREE pdf with more information about how to meal prep the healthy meals, cooking instructions, all of the macros and prices of the diet plan and some more scientific tips and tricks so click the link below to DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE MEAL PLAN now, no strings attached:

As you will see, there are 4 healthy meals for you to follow in the cutting meal plan with most of the tips and tricks you may not have thought about are implemented into the weight loss diet plan to help fat loss seem easy. Similarly, based on the research, you’ll see from my how to calculate your calories for fat loss and how to calculate your macros for fat loss videos below

How to calculate your calories – …
How to calculate your macros – …

That the calories and macros in this full fat loss meal plan should be quite close to scientific recommendations for those seeking weight loss, if not then the PDF explains how you can adapt it to ensure that is does.

Anyway, hopefully you enjoy this more “valuable” style of video (I definitely do) but be sure to expect the usual cheat day and food challenges coming soon so don’t forget to:


And keep firing those suggestions below for any future video ideas as Id love to switch things up a little.

Needles to say, the next video is just INSANE so stay tuned!

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DISCLAIMER – I (Scott Murray) am not a doctor or medical professional thus any dietary/training advice given in the video is based purely on scientific research/anecdotal evidence. Please consult with a doctor and/or an equally qualified Health Care Professional prior to starting any diet/training program and/or using any of the information given in the video. I (Scott Murray), do not assume liability for any actions/side effects/illness/injury/economic loss and/or death from any nutritional/training advice given in the video.

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