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Talk 014 Bodybuilding Legends 1969 and Earlier

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Talk 014 Bodybuilding Legends 1969 and Earlier

Some of the men who pioneered the sport of bodybuilding are featured today by Steve as he shares his 1969 book, Our Moving Body. This very rare book is about human physiology and anatomy from a bodybuilder’s perspective, and inside are dozens of full page photographs of legendary earlier bodybuilders. Take a walk down memory lane with Steve as he shows you the legends of our sport in a vintage book from the Golden Era of bodybuilding.

A copy of this rare book is currently for sale on eBay (January 2019) for $84.99. You may be able to locate others with sufficient diligent searching, however it is exceptionally rare and hard to find. Here is the link to this book on eBay (may be sold by the time you follow the link):

Here is one more link, which shows the book for sale for $43.99, formerly priced at $150.85. As before, it is unknown if this book will be available to you by the time you follow the link:

Iron Vegan Background Information:

Veteran Bodybuilder Steve Greene shares his thoughts about the lifestyle of bodybuilding as it contributes to a fit healthy existence, and its positive effects on maximizing longevity. Steve began bodybuilding in 1968, as a defense response to a high school bully. What began in negativity so many years ago eventually emerged as a serious lifelong way of existence that is now ingrained behavior. He discusses with viewers the many varied benefits of bodybuilding in his presentations.

Steve competed in physique contests for seventeen years, and knew many “golden era” bodybuilders personally, training with several of the best at Bill Pearl’s Pasadena Health Club in southern California, including Bill Pearl himself (4x Mr. Universe), Jim Morris (1973 Mr. America), Chris Dickerson (1982 Mr. Olympia), Dennis Tinerino (Mr. Universe), Dave Johns, Clint Beyerle, and many others. He was schooled by the top men of the 1970s, and was a contributing writer and photographer for Muscle Digest magazine during that time. Steve was the owner/trainer of Globe Gym in southern California after leaving Bill Pearl’s gym in the 1980s.

On this channel, he now discusses many aspects of bodybuilding, including, but not limited to, training, diet, ego, injuries, and the aging bodybuilder. He will also examine commonly held beliefs that a bodybuilder must eat animals and animal products in order to achieve noteworthy muscle growth, and talks about his own permanent transition from a highly carnivorous diet during his earlier years to a diet that is now totally herbivorous. Steve continues to train three times weekly, for two hour sessions.

If viewers have potential ideas for future talks and discussions, please leave them in the comment section on this page, and perhaps Steve will be able to produce an episode on suggested topics if they fall within the realm of his knowledge and experience.

Links to Steve’s online presence, for those who are interested:

1) Steve’s article on “Sustainable Bodybuilding” for life:

2) Steve’s article on “Radical Longevity” regarding living long:

3) Steve’s Amazon Author’s page:

4) Steve’s CafePress store, which sells motivational and content related merchandise, such as sweatshirts, T-shirts, clocks, mugs, and other personal items all about the bodybuilding sport and lifestyle:

Have a cool idea for a design? Let me know!

5) Steve’s Trike Hobo YouTube channel:

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