Genadi Kvikvinia and Levan Saghinashvili pure Strengh and Strenght

Hi everyone. I decide to make this video for 2 very good friends Genadi Kvikvinia and Levan Saginashvili because are 2 of the greatest armwrestlers of moment. Probably most beautiful fight ever between 2 armwrestlers same country. I hope you like it! Enjoy and share it! ըմբշամարտի, bilək, güləşi, הורדת, ידיים, panco, rankų,

Trunk strengh

Trunk strengh for american footballer, wrestler, track and field athletes is very special. The requirement for the athletes are low static applications for very high dynamic range. Static stabilization exercises are poorly suited to the core muscles for special loads while american football/wrestling/track and field prepare. Varied exercise like this