10-Minute Pilates 4 Abs

Build STRONG and Tight abs with Kate by incorporating pilates movements into your workout regime. Try this 10-minute ab crusher:


This is my current ab routine that I have been doing to get my abs back!! ____________________________________________________________________ ________________________________ INTERACT WITH ME!!!!!!! INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: Mauricio Lomeli SNAPCHAT: Mauriciofitnes ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Check out my last video: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Workout Hanging leg raise (20 reps in the middle then 10 reps each side) Knee/hip raise on parallel bars (15 reps) Exercise ball crunch (15 reps

Dr Sthenics Shoulders, Deltoids Oblique’s and Abs Dumbbell Workout

Dr Sthenics Shoulders, Deltoids Oblique’s and Abs Dumbbell Fitness Workout Video. Dumbbell Side Bends This exercise is ideal for toning your oblique abdominal muscles which are also known as the “love handles”. An isolation movement is an exercise where there is only one joint movement and very few muscles involved. As opposed

Best Core & Abs exercises

hi guys! in this video, i going to show you the best abs and core workout exercises!! -knee raises -oblique knee raises -L-sit hold -L-sit to V -full leg raises -diagonal full leg raise -front lever tuck -front lever reps -one arm full leg raises -windshield wipers -oblique raises -plank -dragon flag hold -dragon flag reps