5 Minute Abs! Killer Core Workout!

Starting a new 5 minute workout series today , and what better muscle group to start off with than the abs! The stomach is a trouble spot for so many people, but with my workouts (and proper nutrition of course ) I help you to challenge your body in ways

Abs Workout Routine || easy Abs workout || Abs workout at home || (men & women) || sunnythakur rko

Abs Workout Routine || sunnythakur rko || home workout || male and female workout || sunnythakur rko || sunny thakur rko EXERCISE : 1: Crunches set 2 : side twist 3 : heel touches 4 : reverse crunches 5 : 60 sec plank *Like--------*Share--------*Comment------*Subscribe----------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow On Facebook :: Sunny thakur rko(8679341698) Follow On ***BEST SUPPLEMENT FOR BODY BUILDING............ 1.


This 10-minute abs and core workout serves for one thing: toning. It's the perfect workout for when time is of the essence; unbroken, hard work. This is painful ... good painful, of course ;) Please Subscribe: ... Nutrition eBook: Facebook: Instagram: Music: Licensed stock music (THIS VIDEO IS FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY) Sending