ABS, Core & Cardio Workout

ABS, Core & Cardio Workout. Planks, ski jumpers and burpees oh my!  You can modify by starting easy and progressing as you get stronger. Full workout here:

HIIT Workout: Legs, Butt, and Abs

This workout will help you get a more lifted butt, tone legs, and a stronger core. To Download the Braintronics meditation App for free visit: For the #1 Butt Workout Plan:

30 Minute Upperbody & Abs Workout

A simple thirty minute workout geared to target your upper body and core. - featuring a little helper! A1. Bentover Row 8 reps A2. Floor Press 8 Reps A3. Mountain Climbers 30 reps per side 3-4 sets B1. Renegade Row 10 reps per arm B2. Shoulder Press 8 reps 3 sets C1. Deadstop Push Ups max reps C2. Deadbug


Welcome to the 3rd video of our 30 days abs challenge. Make sure you share the abs challenge on social media using #zeynepyoga. ** ** Also, check out my yoga programmes: POWER YOGA FLOW in ENGLISH: POWER YOGA FLOW in GERMAN: If you are looking for more in-depth tutorials, where postures get broken

5 Great Ab Exercises You Should Try!

Here's 5 of the best stomach exercises you should be doing each week. You can do them at home or the gym and they target every muscle in your mid-section. For the #1 Workout to get a Hot Bikini Body Check out