Perjalanan Gallon Workout Routine Day 3 – SIX PACK ABS

Halo GALON MANIA video kali ini berisi perjalanan workout saya HARI KETIGA, menggunakan equipment GALON AIR MINERAL 19 LITER. Target latihan OTOT PERUT. Imbangi dengan makan makanan berserat, makanan protein tinggi dan tidur malam minimal 7 jam dalam sehari serta minum air sebanyak 4 liter dalam sehari. Semoga video ini bermanfaat dan bisa

Bodybuilding Motivation – TODAY IS THE DAY

TODAY IS THE DAY - Best Motivational Video Thanks for watching Make sure you SUBSCRIBE For more MUSCLE !! youtube: facebook: twitter: Best Motivational Video Ever: ======================= Playlist: ====== MUSIC: Tom Player - Gravity SPEAKERS: John Maxwell, Tony Robbins, Terry Crews, Mat Wilson () Movies Motivational Videos by Ben Lionel Scott : TODAY IS THE DAY - Best Motivational Video Topics covered:

Chest Workout For Beginners || Rahul Fitness

Chest Workout For Beginners || Rahul Fitness 👉Do All Exercise 3 sets × 12 Reps 👈 Follow Me On Instagram : @itz.satyam WORLD'S BEST CHEST WORKOUT The Best Science-Based Chest Workout for Mass & Symmetry How To Get The "Outer Chest Line" MY INSANE CHEST WORKOUT! 5 KILLER Chest Exercises With NO

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