High Protein Overnight French Toast | Myprotein Recipe

Try this delicious high protein version of overnight French toast - perfect for a nutritious breakfast to set up your day. Macros per portion: Kcal: 279 Protein: 28g Carbs: 25g Fat: 9g Ingredients: - 1 loaf Myprotein High Protein Bread - 6 large eggs - 500ml milk - 1 tbsp. cinnamon plus extra to

Recipe – 4+ NUTRITION Superfood+ Cinnamon Raisin Bread

Recipe SUPERFOOD+ CINNAMON RAISIN BREAD Try this great new recipe with our new SUPERFOOD+. Satisfy your cravings with this low-carb, high-protein paleo-friendly bread! Top it with some natural marmalade or clarified butter for a filling snack or hearty breakfast. INGREDIENTS 80g SUPERFOOD+ NATURAL 180g almond flour 50g coconut oil 5 eggs 40g honey 45g raisins 3 tablespoons