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5 thoughts on “Phil Heath – Genetics vs. Hard Work in Bodybuilding

  1. He’s right… Genetics play a role but that doesn’t mean you’re going to be good at it unless you put in the work

  2. Hey, Phil do I have to increase the training volume and/or frequency for body parts like upper back, shoulders, upper chest if these muscles are not underdeveloped but my clavicles are a bit narrower genetically?
    Thank you for these videos, I appreciate the good work!

  3. I should kick yo ass lol it’s both…..and he’s right hard work beats talent when talent don’t work!!!!😎🏋️‍♂️….. YouTube cutsmcgee

  4. Genetics are the most important thing!!!
    Whether you want to train hard or not it’s up to you but you you do want to train hard you will always be ahead of those who don’t period!!

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