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Part 2: Endurance & Defining Aerobic Efficiency

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One thought on “Part 2: Endurance & Defining Aerobic Efficiency

  1. Hello! I have loved my journey of better athletic performance through breathing appropriately and breathing practices. I am completing free-diving Co2 tolerance and O2 Deprivation Tables, daily. This has pushed my performance even further. My lactate threshold heart rate has skyrocketed. I’ve been shocked at my heart rates while maintaining nasal breathing. But, for the sake of your time, I will get to my question. Do the O2 Deprivation Tables boost VO2 max? What exactly do the O2 tables do? I haven’t been able to find a great deal of explanation on the connection between the O2 Deprivation Tables and improvements in VO2 Max. Thank you SO MUCH for changing my life and athletic advancement! Cheers, Jeremy Whitley

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