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Hi, It’s JINI. for today, I explain my fitness training when I was 100kg. I lose about 30kg in this way, please enjoy:-) ———————————- Follow JINI; JINI’s Instagram ; PD’s Instagram ; JINI’s [More]
Rebecca Louise here with new type of video called Athleisure – Fashion Fitness Lookbook 2017. Look the part this summer for less with my workout lookbook. All my favorite gym clothes for the perfect occasion! [More]
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Shocking secrets behind taapsee fitness டாப்சீயின் உடல் அமைப்புக்கு பின்னால் இருக்கும் ரகசியம்! Taapsee is one of the famous actress in India. She looks always fit. There are some interesting secrets behind it. Here we are going [More]
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