GYM sessions now commonly finished with a protein shake or bar to help muscles properly recover after a workout. But refuelling with whey could have a scary side-effect.
After just a two-week training period, the glucose uptake in thigh muscles returned to a normal level. read more
As you can see there is nothing glamorous about getting super lean, it isn’t even that complicated and I promise this is what I actually do and what my clients will do. It is all [More]
Wondering how to get back in shape safely and effectively? I spoke to Anya Lahiri, Barry’s Bootcamp master trainer. Anya herself had a C-section, so she understands how hard it can be to get back [More]
HEART attacks are a symptom of coronary heart disease – a health condition which can be caused by smoking, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.
As a body image coach, I wish I could tell you that 100% of the time, I feel absolutely amazing about my body. But uhhh yeah. That’s not how it works. As a leader in [More]
EXERCISE is considered to be part of a healthy lifestyle, but for some people – such as those with gut problems and conditions like irritable bowel syndrome – it could make their symptoms worse.
Whether you want to tone up, slim down, or boost your mood, you've likely taken a stab at tweaking your fitness routine.

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