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(OV) Intense Abs Workout. Routine. The most effective exercise – Gym Factory

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Crunches Ab Exercise – Abdominals Exercise. Workout

1 โ€“ Lie down on your back, bend your knees and put your feet flat on the floor, align your head with your spine and slip your hands behind your head for support. This is the starting position.

2 – Inhale and at the time of the exercise exhale. You have to flex the body so that your chin moves to your chest, so you contract the upper body to your thighs.
Keep this position by tightening your abs between 1-3 seconds before repeat the exercise, remember do not support the back to the ground during the exercise.

Sets of 10-20 reps. Rest 30-45 seconds between sets.

– Movement must be slow and controlled. Focus on using the abdominal muscles to move the weight. Keep your legs and feet relaxed.

–ย You can vary this exercise using weights, dumbbells, in machine…

– To perform this exercise select a weight with which you feel comfortable. Too much weight it can injure you. Weight should never push you during exercise.

– If you are a beginner start the exercise with a light weight. If you are an experienced athlete you can use more weight.

Rectus abdominis, Quadriceps, Rectus femoris, Obliquus externus abdominis, Tensor fascia latae.

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