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Muscle Beach Overall Physique Champion

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Muscle Beach Overall Physique Champion. This took place July 4th, 2018. Enjoy.

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3 thoughts on “Muscle Beach Overall Physique Champion

  1. Nicely done, they all look great. Although the tall guy didn’t seem to really pose or flex too much, he should’ve been more into it. I thought it was funny how the 2 guys in the middle were so tan from the neck down only, Lmao. How did they keep their heads so white?

  2. That, was hilarious!

    “If I can have all Posing Coaches please approach the stage directly after the show with your contact information please. Thank you” 😉

    Ah man that was great…they were all equally peculiar – Give ’em all a “First Place Peculiar Pose” Award!

    Besides that, and being a wee bit rough around the edges…they’re were in pretty good shape. At least there weren’t any “freaky-shouldn’t-even-be-there-what-were-they-thinking” types there 😉

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