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Morning Aerobic With KPB Nusantara Company on 28 April 2017

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Morning aerobics with Morning Aerobic With KPB Nusantara Company on 28 April 2017, Jakarta-Indonesia. This video is part of Senam Aerobic Pagi Bersama KPB Nusantara 28 April 2017.
Aerobic Gymnastics in the morning before starting the activity can refresh our physical condition, mornings are the best conditions to do gymnastics because it contains a very large oxygen. Gymnastics begins with warm-up, core exercises and gymnastics with traditional music (including Low and High Impact) and ends with Cool Down.
This gymnastics event hosted by Aerobic instructor Haysanti, There is something interesting and fun for gymnastics taking place, that laughter, which can relieve stress and fatigue. The following are some benefits of Aerobic gymnastics in the morning
1. Aerobic can increase stamina and endurance
2. Increase the rate and stabilize heart rhythm.
3. Reduce and lose weight gradually.
4. Reduce and help prevent many diseases
5. longevity and youthful, can make your body healthy and have a long life
6. Improve Health and elasticity of the muscles, helping to avoid lakta acid and encourages blood vessels to supply enough oxygen in the muscles
7. Improve mood and reduce stress, because Aerobics is a sport that can activate the endorphins seingga provide a sense of calm.
8. Clean the cholesterol in the arteries, reduce high blood pressure, help blood circulation and oxygen in the body.
9. Strengthen breath, help restore the function of breathing becomes powerful and strong activity.
10. Aerobics strengthens bones and joints and prevents osteoporosis.

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