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John Hanson Mr Universe 1992 Old School Bodybuilding Tips

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John Hansen Mr Universe talks old school bodybuilding and how to get good results to build muscle
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6 thoughts on “John Hanson Mr Universe 1992 Old School Bodybuilding Tips

  1. Awesome interview with John Hansen. Please invite him back and talk more about old school training and diet. Thanks Ric.

  2. I first heard the name Brunet in the mid 70s when as a high schooler I was first taken to the legendary Caruso gym in Montreal. Jimmy Caruso was not only the (Canadian champion) Brunet trainer but also one of the top physique photographer of his era (and in the 40-50’s it was kinda dicy doing that kind of stuff) who worked with all the greats of those eras.
    I smiled when I heard Ric mention the Brunet name because I had sent an article about Caruso 2-3 weeks ago (a lot of builders of that era like Andre Elie have passed recently) to a friend and it mentions Brunet. If anyone is interested in photographer Jimmy Caruso article/bio, it’s here

  3. omg i just looked up Johns Bday, we have the same Bday, March 10! holy fuck thats cool, i was born in 71′ though, so funny ive dedicated my life to natural bodybuilding.. just kinda funny. John Hansen has allways been familier to me but never really was on my “radar” so to speak but after looking him up on the internet, WOW dude is one of the all time greats damn. BOW//

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