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How to actually lose belly fat? Top 5 tips to get rid of belly fat | No click-bait |

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Hello ladies and gentlemen!

we are back with another amazing video where we are going to talk about how to lose the belly fat. and its true you can do it.

the top tips to lose the belly fat with a tiny little secret is listed below.
1) create a calories deficit diet: Doing so will help you maintain the deficit and lose the unnecessary fat. Your body won’t be getting enough energy so it will start burning fat and use energy from there .
2) Prioritizing Strength training over cardio: Don’t do it. your first priority should be strength training and not cardio during fat loss regime. Cause during cardio you lose fat only during exercise but in strength training you lose the fat during workout and also during rest.

3) Drink more and more water: drink 1 glass of water before your meals to create a deficit.

4) Eat more dietary fiber: Fiber digests in our body slowly and steadily. making us feel less hungry and also keeps our intestine healthy.

5) consistency and patience is the key to fat loss. Be consistent and have patience and you will it work.

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10 thoughts on “How to actually lose belly fat? Top 5 tips to get rid of belly fat | No click-bait |

  1. Hey Sourav belly fat and thigh fat loose krne k lie which exercises should we take up can you make a video on this…..please

    1. Yes it does, but after reaching a certain point your body will hit a plateau and will stop losing weight because now you’re comfortable with running. Let’s see it as a passive and active work. While you are running you burn considerate amount of fat but when you aren’t running. Here all you’re doing is active work. Whereas during any sort of strength training you’re burning fat during the workout but also during the rest as your body is trying to repair the muscle tissue damage. Body needs energy to do that and as you’re in deficit body takes energy from the stored fats. Hence you’re loosing fat even at rest. That’s passive work, you aren’t working for body but the body itself is.

      I hope it answers your question.

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