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HIIT Workout For Fat Loss/ HIIT Workout At Home I Bar Techniques

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HIIT Workout For Fat Loss/ HIIT Workout At Home I Bar Techniques
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Each exercise is performed for 20 seconds x 6 with 10 seconds active rest in between. This combination doesn’t seem too hard at first when you look at it but actually performing it is a completely different story. The snowboard hops is what will definitely get to you in the 4th round of this HIIT workout. This is a great workout for your legs & heart not to mention you will shred of a bunch of fat especially after 3 rounds of this “Hardest Workout on Earth” lol.

Give it your best, just remember if your technique is all over the place and you really struggle to get through the first round, this workout is not for you… but good news! There are easier workouts for you on my channel like:

In my opinion this series is the toughest yet the most favorite of mine to record.
HIIT is extremely effective for fat burning and takes a lot less time then traditional steady pace cardio and most importantly keeps you entertained at all times. Lets face it, you won’t get bored doing it since you will be busy trying to survive. The aim of HIIT is to give your best during a short interval that usually last 20 seconds with 10 seconds of complete or active rest in which you’re trying to catch some breath. Speaking on catching the breath, it’s the excess post-exercise oxygen consumption that is also known as the after burn effect that is the major determining factor when it comes to burning fat.

HIIT is just great, all you really need is 20 minutes and you will learn a lot about yourself if you do it right. I love how you can do it anywhere, lets say you just came back from work it’s 8 pm already. Too late to go to the gym but never too late to get a quick HIIT routine in. I’m a big fan of bodyweight training so HIIT is definitely one of my favorite training methods that I regularly do.

The way I go about my HIIT routine is that I pick 3 exercises, perform each for 20 seconds and 10 seconds jogging for 6 rounds. Then I will take a short breather and complete the routine again or just try a different one. You will need to employ a warrior mindset before you start, trust me it does challenge you mentally and all you need to remember is not to give up!

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