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Extreme Fat Loss For Stage

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Extreme fat loss for stage, the process of losing a large amount of weight and getting on the bodybuilding competition page. Is this possible and how should it be approached?

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7 thoughts on “Extreme Fat Loss For Stage

  1. I was 299.4 march 6th.
    Today im 252.6. 113 days.
    About 3 lbs a week.
    I cut glutin sugar processed oil and milk.
    I would like to be 200lbs.
    What should i be doing next?

    1. I have not started working out.
      Was going to start walking and building up my step count to 5000 a day then get to 10,000 a day.

  2. “There is a limit to the amount of body fat we can lose in a given timeframe” Not wrong I lost 107 lbs straight it was a terrible idea because I didn’t trust or know about diet breaks and improving metabolic rate, didn’t negatively affect eating wise but I think I would have retained more LBM had I cycled

  3. So how much weight is too much for just one diet phase? What’s the most amount per cycle of weight loss should we aim for?

    1. It’s really going to vary person to person. It depends on how low the calories get, how high the cardio goes, and just how they are feeling. I dropped about 45lbs last year, over 6 months and could’ve gone further, but I wanted to reverse. So it really can come down to just how far the person can push. At some point, it’s just not prudent to keep going because of everything stated above, and so it is time to enter a reverse at that point.

  4. hey I just recently found you by looking up the egg diet I’m glad I saw what you had to say on that I have another question though I broke my leg a couple months ago and had major surgery I was wondering if you could do a video on how to tone up my body muscle because I still can’t walk yet no weight bearing on my leg I’m getting around on crutches and so I do a lot of laying around at the moment what are some things that I can do to tone up my body muscle because I’m losing it all just sitting around waiting until I start physical therapy for my leg

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