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Exercise – Abs

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Objective: Get a stronger core with these 3 exercises. Abs are not made at the gym. You need to lose body fat if you want your abs to show. Typically around 15%-18% body fat is when some of your abs will start to show. These exercises will help get your abs ready to ‘pop’ when you lower your body fat %.

Exercise Tips:
-Keeping your neck in a neutral position is one of the most important things.
-Breath out all your air and contract your abs hard when you bring the cable down. If you don’t do this, you are failing to get the benefits of any ab workout.

As Always:
-Pick a weight where you can control the entire full range of motion. NO CHEATING with poor form, cheat reps, or swinging your body.
-Pause and hold for 1-2 seconds so you can get the most contraction on the muscle you are working on.
-Take your time, this isn’t cardio or a race.

Sets & Reps:
-Abs don’t need heavy weights to develop. I typically go until failure for 3-5 sets. That’s it.

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