Excellent DVD in Excellent condition
Proworks Padded Yoga Mat with Carrying Strap Whether you’re looking to start a new exercise routine in the New Year, work toward that perfect beach body or improve your general fitness, flexibility and mentality; a [More]
Introduction: The HemingWeigh® Exercise Yoga Mat Features double sided non-slip surfaces that help prevent injuries. The mat features specially designed comfortable memory foam, offers great impact absorption. Thick enough to protect your back, arms, knees [More]
Product Details Find flexibility and freedom while performing difficult poses and be on your way to increased muscle strength and support with Peace YogaÕs yoga blocks. Perfect for supporting any posture or stretch, our yoga [More]
These ladies yoga pants feature a fold-over waistband, a flared leg opening, and a slimming fit. Approximately 40″ in length, 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex. Product Features Model Size Waist: S-26 inches, M-28 inches, L-30 inches [More]
Make fitness fun, safe and comfortable. Ask any seasoned yogi and they’ll tell you that regular stretching helps keep the body young and healthy. But as with any fitness regimen, using the proper equipment is [More]
Extra-thick (5mm) premium print yoga mats provide a stable, non-slip surface for your yoga practice. Perfect for home or studio use, this mat provides additional cushioning to help protect joints. Product Features Lightweight, durable and [More]
“Yoga works best when it is tailored to each person’s individuality. In the Yoga Body & Mind Handbook, Jasmine honors this need by offering the kind of personalization and guidance that respects each reader’s specific [More]
Are you tired of a stinky, slippery and super heavy yoga mat? Give eco-friendly Clever Yoga mat a try. You will notice it is super lightweight and portable, at only 2 pounds, with ultra cushion [More]

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