ALSO AVAILABLE IN PAPERBACK AND AUDIO BOOK VERSION!!! DO YOU WANT TO LEARN THE BEST WAY TO PRACTICE YOGA? Whether you want to relieve stress, feel more peace, or lose weight this book will help [More]
Yoga For Men is Taking Over the Fitness World!Have you always believed that yoga was merely for hot girls in tight clothes? Well, sorry guys, but I’m here to shatter that belief! Despite what you [More]
Yoga Can Transform Your Life In Just 10 Minutes A Day!In ‘Yoga For Beginners’ you’ll learn the 30 essential yoga poses that will take you from yoga newbie to yoga enthusiast in just one month. [More]
The first single, reliable collection of primary material from the source traditions of yoga…
TNP Accessories Thick Yoga Mat is extremely thick and made of soft, cushiony NBR foam with a smooth texture surface. This mat is designed for Pilates or Boot camp workouts that require extra cushioning. It’s [More]
Product: We think it is suitable for women,girls,unisex teens, most of people. Wear suitable for any occasion. 1.Simply style a gift or for personal use both very perfect. Atention please : This product has [More]
From the unforgettable teacher Jessamyn Stanley comes Every Body Yoga, a book that breaks all….
Yogi Bare Yoga Blocks allow you to go deeper in your asana practice. The blocks enable you to ease into the more difficult postures, gradually opening your body up to achieving depth, endurance and mobility. [More]

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