This unique Handmade Round Tapestry is high quality piece of Home Décor. A perfect piece to add a touch of class to your interior. Every piece is made with bright vegetable colors which is eco-friendly [More]
Bellarina has everything you need in a barre sock. Bellarina struts her stuff with a heel tab that provides extra comfort and protection to the Achilles tendon. She rocks an arch band for graceful lift [More]
Big Yoga Read: Modern classics & ancient texts It is nearly 40 years since ‘Light on Yoga’ bought yoga to a Western audience. The book is now an essential guide for yoga students at every [More]
Center & Balance. Just as the noble trees are deep rooted in the ground, this blend works to bring a deep rooted centering and grounding experience, essential to the practice Yoga and Meditation. The scents [More]
JLL is pleased to introduce our lightweight, Non slip Yoga/ Pilates Mat in an array of colours. Designed for enduring performance and stability the JLL Yoga Mat provides a comfortable soft cushion to help protect [More]
Brand Story: Lapasa is probably the most customer oriented brand which provides comfort,good quality and high-tech apparel. We cooperate with sports, yoga and outdoor activity communities, using our self-developed new technology and material to produce [More]
Big Yoga Read: #35 The Yoga Bible is a comprehensive illustrated guide to over 150 of the most common (and some of the not-so-common) positions to be found in the practice of yoga. This directory [More]
Support, stabilise and align your body with this superior lightweight block. Made from first grade, non toxic foam, we’ve updated our design to be more stylish with rounded edges and corners, to provide additional comfort [More]

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