So you can file this one under “No Good News.” When you think of ahimsa—non-harming—it’s not usually your yoga pants you’re worried about. But now a new study is telling us that our cozy stretch [More]
When a yoga behemoth reaches peak scandal status. The Bikram Choudhury Saga (short for the multiple rape and sexual harassment lawsuits and the subsequent downfall of The Don of yoga), is getting the true crime [More]
Lower back pain is one of those things that gets everyone at some point. Fortunately, relief is possible through some self-care. read more
In Yoga and Ayurveda we believe that digestion is the cornerstone of good health. Everything that is taken in must be chewed and broken down. We must be able to assimilate that which will contribute [More]
by AnnMerle Feldman I arrived at Kripalu last August, my too-large belly tucked and belted firmly into my high-waisted stretch jeans, wondering what the Yoga Tune Up Core Integration Immersion, one of the foundational YTU [More]
To gain full control of your mind and body, you must learn to negotiate with them in any circumstance. read more
In which buff men practice yoga in the buff — wearing nothing, and we mean nothing, but kilts (OK, and the socks and boots, too). In case you were wondering what men wear under their [More]
Varied movement and calm exploration of range of motion could be the key to solving your chronic issue. read more
If you know us, you know we love giveaways — book giveaways in particular. And book giveaways of the yogadorky sort get us even more giddy because it gives us a chance to completely nerd [More]
Eric Shaw may be a familiar name as a yoga teacher. But his recent anti-feminist rant might earn him a new title: unabashed misogynist. Coming as a surprise to many of his students and followers, [More]

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