Trusting yourself is very important when practicing yoga because, more often than not, you will surprise yourself with the strength that you have. read more
After just a two-week training period, the glucose uptake in thigh muscles returned to a normal level. read more
Your ego-fueled lifts are more like the freak show than the strongman, and are setting you up for big problems. read more
Whether you like it or not, how much money an athlete makes can, and should, change the way you train them. read more
Weight is important. But speed of movement is an informative index to evaluate efficacy of training. read more
If you don’t track your training volume, you are leaving out a key method to assess progress. read more
Romwod is an online training subscription platform providing range of motion training. read more
The point of your training should be to enable you to improve the world around you. read more
The Compex Sport Elite has options for before or after your workouts, and can even provide workouts all on its own, for strength, power, and endurance. read more
One day, whether by happenchance or some fluke of life, your training comes to a screeching halt. What now? read more

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