I’m excited to announce the Strong Body-Strong Mind Workshop is finally coming to Boston. Copyright: sepavo / 123RF Stock Photo   My wife, Dr. Lisa Lewis, and I have had the honor of presenting this [More]
I have a meathead confession to make: Contrary to popular opinion in the strength world, I actually LOVE cardio. I know it’s really en vogue to hate on cardio in favor of lifting weights, but [More]
Overemphasizing strength often leads us to miss the forest for the trees, limiting the real-world applicability of our training. read more
By making some intelligent changes to the way we think about our training, we can keep training until a ripe, old age. read more
It happened: betrayal, in your relationship. You’ve tried to get your groove back and regain your confidence, but it doesn’t seem to be working. This is a complex subject that I’m glad to bring into [More]
If we can help erase the negative connotations of meditation, more people might be motivated to experiment with this mental training. read more
So which is it? Should you eat before training? If so, how much, and how close to working out? read more
One of the best ways create a sense of superhuman strength, whether you are hypermobile or not, is to get strong throughout the joint’s entire range of motion. read more
Sometimes we forget that the workout is not the end goal, it is merely part of the process to a larger vision. read more
I remember the first time I saw Eminem perform. I was at my apartment in between classes watching a little TRL on MTV. It was spring break, 1999. I was in my living room. Many [More]

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