The movement asymmetry in martial arts can lead to big problems with your spine, but there are two simple moves that will help prevent any issues. read more
A simple modification to your regular kettlebell swing can transform it into a lethal unilateral training weapon. read more
Being aware of your breath can inform every other aspect of your life. read more
Split lifts have fallen out of fashion among weightlifters, but they still have immense value as strength and conditioning tools. read more
It’s time to understand the numbers. The key is to know what each is for and not to do more reps than you have to. read more
Workout Routines Article Jun 22, 2016 Want to work out like your favourite athlete? Strength training is your answer!
“We should embrace our flaws!” is seen as a phrase of empowerment. Don’t look at your physical flaws with disdain — accept them — is what we’re encouraged to do. While the intentions of the [More]
We’re human and not infallible. We all screw up from time to time. Here is a short list of what I believe are the common training transgressions. read more
I apologize for my clear lack of writing this week, but you know…our little guy is primed to arrive at any moment. Fret not! I got your back and am still prepared to provide some [More]

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