Compression garments are the latest “in thing” yet they’re also one of the most misunderstood items in the gym bag. read more
Build your own workouts so that you can get in, get it done, and get out of the gym on your own terms but with something that works just the way you want it. read [More]
Your job isn’t to be the coolest person in your own gym; it’s customer service and business management. read more
It’s elegant as it is simple: Easy training is good training. Much like we’re seduced into thinking that driving a certain car, wearing a specific perfume/cologne, or adopting certain fashion trends will lead us to [More]
“I’m just really lazy and unmotivated.” A brand new client told me this recently on a phone call. She was explaining that she had been trying to go to the gym for YEARS, day in [More]
My jaw had just hit the floor. I was chatting with a reporter about what I do, for an article on body image and body positivity. For nearly half an hour, I had been explaining [More]
To improve your health, build a leaner body, or establish new habits … Sometimes the solution is to work harder. Sometimes the solution is to simply work smarter. Sometimes what you really need, is to [More]
Don’t let the 5 o’clock crowd stand between you and your goals. read more
Of course, the purists mocked people who exercised using a video game. To them, there was no reason to engage in physical activity in front of your TV when you could go to the gym. [More]
It was my first professional photo shoot. I’d done some informal shooting for other people’s sites and projects, but I’d never done a shoot just for me and my work. The shoot took place in [More]

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