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Fitness Tips about the Gym Spotters: Jokestrap Fitness is a comedy show from Woonsocket, RI. Fitness Tips and training advice by Jokestrap is a comedy show about fitness and fun. Jokestrap offers fun fitness tips [More]
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Lots of things change in college, but your health doesn’t have to! In this video I share with y’all 10 tips that I think will help with staying active and eating healthy. Remember that living [More]
Do you want to look slim and beautiful, but don’t have time for workout?? Here’s a magic drink exclusively for you !! Style Coquettes, Amanda and Mili, disclose their health drink to you. Cheers to [More]
I’m starting a new series called Starlet Shape where I focus on a certain body part and give tips for health, fitness, skin care, beauty and more! Today we’re getting a Sexy Back with tips [More]
Geen geld om te sporten? Nope, slecht excuus! Ik geef je tips hoe je onder andere thuis makkelijk en goedkoop kunt trainen. Zet ‘m op! – Charlotte Vergeet je niet te abonneren op ons channel [More]
This video is about how to use my nutrition and fitness tips to lose weight and feel great! Kickstart your fitness with my 30-Day Program: For results in half the time, check out the [More]
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