AN ‘EXERCISE pill’ is a major step nearer after new research found that suppressing a protein builds muscle mass and improves heart health – without weight loss.
JUST 45 minutes of intensive exercise a day is the key to keeping dementia at bay, a new study shows.
It may be worthwhile screening women, including women training as elite athletes, for iron deficiency. read more
COMBINING aerobic exercise with weights for just 45 minutes can boost brain power in the over fifties a new study reveals.
Snatch on toes is an excellent and challenging exercise to force the timing of your movement under the bar for the catch. read more
In today’s guest post, regular contributor and resident Texan badass, Shane McLean, explains why the way to get bigger, faster, stronger isn’t to only put more weight on the bar. Don’t get me wrong, it [More]
Having a healthy lifestyle built around good nutrition, moderate exercise, and maintaining healthy weight gain will benefit both you and your baby in the long run. read more
I’m a huge fan of pull-ups/chin-ups. Pick your flavor. I find the ability to perform either of the two is a great litmus test of one’s upper body strength and overall body composition. Copyright: dolgachov [More]
When you think of a good workout, no doubt you picture yourself covered in sweat, muscles aching, lungs burning, and pushing yourself to your limits…it’s not the only way to get healthy. read more
It sounds too simple, but the best corrective exercise is the exercise itself. read more

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