Zumba Fitness Total-Body Cardio System with 6 DVDs, Nutrition Guide and Toning Sticks Give your calories one last dance with this high-energy, total-body workout. Featuring 8 awesome workouts, this DVD set will help you shake [More]
Today’s guest post comes courtesy of NY-based personal trainer, Meg Julian and covers a topic I feel is very important: the notion that some women still have a phobia about walking onto a weight room [More]
Specification: Main CPU:TI2541(USA) Display:0.49″ OLED Button:touch button Language:English Battery:polymer Lithium 50 Mah Charging time:about half an hour Stand by:15 days Normal use:7 days Frequently use:4 days Charging method:the main unit can be taken out from [More]
The secret to mastering double unders once and for all If you have been struggling to string together multiple double unders it’s likely due to one of these reasons1. you’ve been using someone else’s jump [More]
Product Features Pedometer: Tracks steps, distance and calories burned. Sleep Monitoring: Monitors how long and well you sleep. Smart Alarm: Wakes you (and not your partner) with a silent wake alarm. Online Upgrade, Heart Rate [More]
There’s no reason to wait! Click ADD TO CART right now! Your search for the perfect Jump Rope is officially over! When you purchase the King Athletic Jump Rope today, here’s what you should do… When that little [More]
New Update If APP can not preserve your personal information, please contact us to get new updated APP.For the pedometer function: please notice that when you are sitting and shaking your hand, it will also [More]

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