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5 thoughts on “Cardio Only For Best Fat Loss

  1. Excellent points, and probably applies to everyone that wants be be in better shape/health. I found that my cardio ability improved very quickly, as you said. That improved cardio ability allowed me to have much better strength training sessions. More sets, more reps, increased weight, and less recover time between sets. Everything was dramatically better. I keep doing cardio because I don’t want to lose my ability to have the best work outs. It’s even more important at my elevation of 6,200 feet.

  2. What is your opinion on Orange Theory Fitness? I ask because it’s cardio with some strength and body training all designed in an hour (I think). I currently train 4 days a week with 20 min of cardio after each session. I was considering beginning a session of these a week to increase my fat loss. Any opinions?

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