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Best energy ball recipe (for trail & ultra runners)

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In this film, sports nutritionist and author of The Runner’s Cookbook Anita Bean shows us how quick and easy it is to make bite-sized DIY energy balls (recipe & book link below, scroll down), either as a snack before or after running, or to be wrapped up and taken on long runs and ultras.

It’s always a pleasure to work with people who are so knowledgeable about their specialism, and Anita Bean is one of those experts in #runningnutrition. She also explains in detail the micro-nutrients and properties of each of the ingredients and what benefit they have to runners either in terms of providing energy or promoting recovery. 

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Get Anita’s book here:
The Runner’s Cookbook: more than 100 delicious recipes to fuel your running

Having made several tasty meals from her collection of over 100 healthy recipes for runners, I really recommend this book. It also contains super useful info on fuelling for different distances of race including ultras, how to lose weight safely, the truth about supplements and sports nutrition products, and addresses common running nutrition myths. It’s an essential tool in your arsenal of running performance aids.

Why is nutrition so important for trail and ultra runners? Find out in Anita’s interview on Wild Ginger Running 

Recipe – Almond, Cranberry & Dark Choc Chip Energy Balls for runners

125g oats
50g flaked almonds
50g dried cranberries
50g dark chocolate chips
1 tsp vanilla essence
1.5 tbsp runny honey
125g nut butter

1 Mix all ingredients together with a wooden spoon or in a mixer
2 Squash into bite-sized balls or spread out and cut into flapjacks
3 Cling-film/foil wrap them (or for a more eco-friendly option, pop them into pre-used packaging for nuts, raisins, bread or other snacks)
4 Pop into your running pack and munch on your long run, or have a snack before or after running
5 EAT THEM!!! (They are delicious, watch out)

What alternative ingredients did you use in yours? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

Shelf life: I would say these would be fine for 1-3 days out of the fridge in a cool environment if you are using them on a long run, ultra or multi-day event. But if you plan to save them, I would refrigerate them for 5-7 days, or freeze them for 1-3 months. Thanks to Gina Thompson for asking this question as it is not covered in this film 🙂 Happy scoffing everyone!

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