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Bad Genetics for Bodybuilding ?

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So some of your muscle groups are not coming along the way you want them?
1. Use the proper muscle first
This is critical my friends! I will run you through the whole body so you can see what I mean.
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6 thoughts on “Bad Genetics for Bodybuilding ?

  1. Your information is set apart from many other channels because you educate on activation. You give us a map, so to speak on the activation of the right muscles. I feel smarter Dr. Maik, thank you!

  2. Maik is my second dad. <3 Ty for info. Lacking chest development but I bench 140kg -_-. Will defit try some stuff from you.

  3. Really nice tipps.. I appreciate suvh kind of videos
    But what about the body parts which are generally underdeveloled..?
    For example my arms are low sized compared to my body.. How can it be fixed if body do not let the muscle grow?

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