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5 Proven Booty Exercises + Supplement recomendation

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Good nutrition is essential for working out. They aid in weight regulation and will help you reach your goals.
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5 thoughts on “5 Proven Booty Exercises + Supplement recomendation

  1. So funny how they show these exercises on a girl with a tiny bony lil butt. But, great tips. Literally the exercises I do 3-4x per work and they really DO work

  2. Quick testimonial on the enzymes!! So my mom got her Gallbladder removed about 15 years ago due to allergies and pregnancy complications 😬 and we all know that the gallbladder helps you digest any kinds of fats. So without it she had the worst stomach pain any time she ate something with oil, animal fat, grease, and aminos. It was so sad watching her go through that kind of pain. She had to take oxbile and other types of enzymes but honestly they weren’t working as well and came with other complications so most of the time she felt with the pain.

    Over the years the stress of not being able to absorb fats took its toll on her mental health (being that our brain thrives on healthy fats). It was very sad to see her go through this all. But now she switched over to the life enzymes it has been a 180 turn on her health.
    She can digest everything even dairy 😍
    Her stress levels are down, her stomach pain is gone, she lost weight, she can now absorb nutrients. It’s amazing! If you have digestion problems you should definitely try this 😊

  3. I can say thank you for sharing about Tranont! I had horrible migraines, like to the point of being unable to care for myself and my children, Tranont changed that! I have had ONE migraine since May and that was because I skipped a couple meals for a day because of travel. My migraines were extreme and caused many other symptoms that were not manageable with any other prescription medication. I am no longer taking any prescription drugs. I’m so happy! Thank for talking about Tranont!! You rock!

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