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Fitness Tips about the Gym Spotters:
Jokestrap Fitness is a comedy show from Woonsocket, RI. Fitness Tips and training advice by Jokestrap is a comedy show about fitness and fun. Jokestrap offers fun fitness tips of all kinds including cardio fitness, endurance workouts, body building techniques, diet and exercise. Our fun tips will get and keep you in shape physically while our motivation, inspiration and comedy will get you in great shape, mentally! Our comic style is very similar to BroScienceLife and DudePerfect. If you are a guy, you should like it!

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We have fun with three types of gym workout spotters that you don’t want to be.

First, we cover the over-spotter. This is the gym spotter who practically does the repetitions for you. He robs you of potential muscle gains by applying too much help as you perform the exercise.
This is most prevalent on exercises like the bench press, shoulder presses, bicep curls and just about any exercise involving free weights.

Next is the Creepy Hands Spotter. This spotter puts his hands on you in a creepy fashion as you work out. When working out, keep skin to skin contact at a minimum. This happens a lot on gym exercises like standing biceps barbell curls, dumbbell curls, pec deck flies, and even when squatting heavy weights. The creepy hands spotter is rarely around when you do exercises that don’t require a spotter of any kind like stretching, yoga, boxing lessons, or cardio workouts on machines like treadmills and arc trainers.

Finally, it’s the Crotch Spotter. This fitness enthusiast comes way too close to your face with his crotch on exercises like the bench press, chest flies, dumbbell presses and decline bench presses.

In this show, there are also two spoof segments for Fitness Brokers USA. Fitness Brokers USA buys and sells new and used fitness equipment for cardio, strength fitness, endurance, and bodybuilding for gyms and home gyms. Cardio equipment includes treadmills, ellipticals, arc trainers, steppers, exercise bikes, spin bikes and rowers. For strength and muscle building equipment, they also sell benches, weights, dumbbells, free weight sets, plate mount machines and preacher benches.

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The Jokestrap Fitness Show will continue to bring you the best and funniest fitness tips and training techniques as well as diet and overall health advice. Please subscribe to Jokestrap Fitness Tips and stay healthy!

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