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Want to put on muscle faster without putting on fat? EAT RIGHT!!


That means I’m going to spend the entire month teachin you how to EAT to put on MUSCLE!!!

So stay with me and I will show you the right way to shop, cook and meal prep for BIG MUSCLES…

Thanks and God Bless,
Ron Williams – Natural Bodybuilder of the Decade


A fundamental law of the bodybuilding lifestyle is the law of supply-and-demand. In the article Survival Strategies For The Traveling Bodybuilder! I wrote:

“I want to stress here the importance of precise shopping for the bodybuilder. Everything in the world operates according to the principles of supply and demand. It is important to determine what demand your body places upon you. Put another way, if demand is nutritional requirements brought about by…training, the supply or grocery shopping must be tailored to match it….when shopping you should have a very specific idea of what you are buying and what you are not going to buy….”

When applied to bodybuilding endeavors, supply and demand is a law. Why? Put simply, the name reflects the causational relationship that exists between the two variables of TRAINING INTENSITY and NUTRITIONAL REQUIREMENT. The relationship appears mathematically as follows:

If: X = Training intensity
Y = Nutritional requirement
Then: X greater than Y
When training occurs, the body attempts to initiate the repair and restoration process. In order to repair micro-muscular tears in muscle tissue and replenish depleted glycogen stores, the body must look for the raw materials to begin the repair process.

As illustrated above, by increasing or decreasing the work you put forth in the gym, you can increase the demand or decrease it, and thereby increase or decrease the quantity of food you require Thus, your grocery list will depend upon your training phase and style.

Make no mistake: Eating, like all things, operates according within the framework provided by mathematics. At least it does if you wish your body to appear as you desire, instead of it looking like some overweight, derelict physical accident. When constructing a grocery list you must consider the following:

Basal Metabolic Rate
Body Type
Body Mass
Current training Phase
The rate of your metabolism is correlated to your age. With every passing decade the metabolism slows by 10%. This translates into a 1% decrease in metabolic rate per year. Therefore, as people age and fail to change eating habits, they often gain unwanted body fat. Somehow it never occurs to people that as their metabolism slows so too should their eating slow by a proportionate amount.

Calculating your basal metabolic rate [BMR] will allow you to determine with precision the amount of calories your body needs to maintain its current mass. Determining this will allow to you determine with certainty the food you require to compliment your training phase.

For example, are you trying to add mass? If so and if at rest you burn 2500 calories daily, then you will need to consume more than 2500 calories daily to facilitate the addition of mass to your frame. What if you are trying to lose bodyfat? Then you would eat less than 2500 calories per day to facilitate the fat-loss process.

Think of the BMR as a baseline that you must either eat below, at, or above depending on your phase of training…….

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