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Trying to lose weight?
An athlete looking for quality snacks to maintain your sugar levels during training?
A parent desperate to provide healthy snacks to your kids without the screaming and kicking?
Trying to maintain your weight down? (after so much efforts to get there…)
Sick and tired of chips and ice-cream snacks that make you feel sick and tired afterwards?
A frustrated food-lover because all the “yummy food” is just not good for you?
A pregnant woman impatient to find healthy snacks to support her unborn child?

Prepare delicious food in minutes
Stay healthy for years to come
Enjoy a great variety of food every single day
Spent only a little time in the kitchen and more doing the things you love
Save money on your shopping list: just 3 ingredients per recipe, no more!
Free yourself from the headaches of never-ending ingredient lists
Support your weight-loss efforts with the assurance that our recipes are good for you!

“But I Don’t Know How To Cook!”

Here’s some great news for you! You don’t need any previous cooking experience to prepare and cook these recipes. Every single step is clearly explained so you can rest assured that your snack will turn-out great.

Not good enough you say…?

Well it gets better… I have a surprise bonus for you!

When you order your copy of ‘100 Healthy Snacks’ today you’ll also get 10 brand-new videos of Sally and I showing you how to cook our favourite recipes from the book!

Each week for 10 weeks you’ll get a new video where we’ll demonstrate step-by-step:

How to prepare each ingredient,
How to know if your dish is well cooked or not,
And all the little tips that will turn you into a confident home-cook!

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