Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 5/12/17

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Remember last week when I said I was going to switch gears and start doing this series earlier in the week rather than Friday?

Yeah, that was dumb.

We’re back to Fridays.


Check This Stuff Out First

1) Strong Body-Strong Mind – Toronto

Last year Lisa and I had the privilege of presenting together in Austin, TX and London, UK, and we’re elated to be heading to Toronto in about a month to pick up where we left off.


In a nutshell I speak to a little assessment talk, program design, and breaking down technique on a few common lifts such as the squat, deadlift, get-up, and BOSU ball lunges (<— kidding), and Lisa speaks to more of the mindset side of the equation and how we can help build better rapport and “buy in” with our clients/athletes. Not only that: but also how to encourage more competency and autonomy with your clients as well (both of which help you make more money).

For more information and to sign up, please go HERE.

2) Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint – Orlando

Our Vancouver shindig in April sold out, but Dean and I have recently announced a stop in Orlando, FL later this year, October 21-22nd at Spark Fitness.

I’ve never been to Orlando. There’s no way in hell I’m visiting Disney World.

You can go HERE for more details and to sign up.

3) Recent Podcast Appearances

Lift the Bar Podcast w/ Stuart Aitken

In this episode Stuart and I discuss entrepreneurial shenanigans and professional development.

The Strength Running Podcast

Endurance athletes and lifting weights. It’s a thing.

Stuff to Read

4 Steps to Deeper Learning – Mike Robertson

I have such a hard time absorbing information and retaining it. Mostly because there’s so much of it out there! I thoroughly enjoyed this post from Mike and took a lot from it.

4 Reasons to Do the Touch and Go Deadlift – Lee Boyce

I’m not going to lie: I’ve always been a coach who rolls his eyes at people who perform the touch-and-go deadlift.

As I always say, “it’s a DEADlift not a BOUNCElift.

Hahahaha, get it?

Anyways, this article from Lee made me think twice about my idiocy.

The Effects of Eating a Truckload of Protein – Mike T. Nelson

Out of all the things you could do to improve your health, performance, and body composition, worrying about too much protein is WAY down on the list. In fact, if you’re going to worry about protein at all, it might make more sense to worry about not getting enough.”

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