Grippy Non Slip Skid Women Yoga Socks – Best Fitness/Dance/Pilates/Ballet Socks by AD Taylor, 2 Pack, Women Shoe Size UK 2.5-7 / EU 35-40

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AD Taylor Yoga Socks Maximize Your Performance for Every Workout!

AD Taylor aims to provide customers with high quality yoga socks. The non-skid yoga socks feature design non skid sole from heel to toe that offers better grip for improved stability and balance so that you can safely practice and have better control of your body’s movement to avoid injuries, enhances balance and stability. Ideal content percentage of 80% Cotton, 10% Spandex and 10% Elastic ribbon provide the yoga socks both comfort and durability. Your performance can also come with extra comfort.

30 Minutes a Day with AD Taylor Yoga Socks, You’ll Find Difference in 30 Days!

– Improves Sleep
– Lowers Blood Pressure & Glucose Levels
– Boosts Immunity
– Increase Blood Flow
– Improve Flexibility
– Helps a Weight Loss
– Boosts Happiness
– Build Muscle Strength
– Strengths Bones

Overall Features:

1. High quality cotton yoga socks
2. Natural, comfortable, breathable and versatile
3. Easily absorb and evaporate sweat
4. Socks keep optimal grips for maximum performance
5. Keep your feet feeling soft and looking great
6. UK 4-8 fits Women’s shoe size UK 2.5-7 | EUR 35-40
7. One Size Fits Most Women

Package Content:

Style 1: 4 Pairs of Yoga Grip Socks (Black, Grey, Rose Red & Purple)
Style 2: 4 Pairs of Yoga Grip Socks (Black, Green, Pink & Purple)
Style 3: 2 Pairs of Yoga Ballet Grip Socks (2 x Black)
Style 4: 2 Pairs of Yoga Ballet Grip Socks (Black & Pink)


– Wash and change these yoga socks everyday to prevent the bacteria from you.
– Due to differences between monitor displays, actual color may vary slightly from image.

Product Features

  • ➡️ENJOY HIGH QUALITY COTTON SOCKS: Material is a blend of 80% Cotton, 10% Spandex and 10% Elastic ribbon. Ideal content percentage to provide both comfort and durability. With 80% cotton, the socks feel natural, comfortable, breathable and versatile. Cotton can also hold its shape and stretch without warping. With the component of spandex and elastic, the socks stay in place, no sliding down and keep optimal grips for maximum performance.
  • ➡️MAXIMIZE YOUR PERFORMANCE WITH STRONG & COMFORTABLE GRIPS: Anti-slip AD Taylor yoga socks enhance balance and stability and allow you to safely practice. Soft silicone sole is ergonomically designed to contour the natural shape of your foot and guarantee a firm grip which can help you keep better control of your movement on the floor or mat. Great for Yoga, Hot Yoga, Pilates, Barre and Dance exercise and any other physical workouts done without shoes.
  • ➡️MATCH YOUR FAVORITE WEAR & ONE SIZE FOR ALL: Women 2 / 4 pairs of yoga socks can match any of your favorite yoga wear. The socks come with different colors. Fashion and beautiful design for travel, studio, home and gym, as well as the function of the foot warm. One size for most, fits Women’s shoe size UK 2.5-7 | EUR 35-40. Recommended hand wash in cold water, dry flat and do not iron.
  • ➡️ENSURE 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We only develop products that were carefully tested – Buy the best with confidence – complete customer service gives you comfortable purchase experience, we would make a full refund with no question asked. Click the Add to Cart Button Now!
  • ➡️FEEL BETTER TOE COVER / SEPARATION DESIGN: The better toe cover / separation design allows for better tactile feel and stop exposing your toes to foot fungus on dirty studio or gym floors. Ensure your toes are individually or fully covered and protected to effectively prevent the growth of bacteria. With toe cover design, you sweat but you can still keep fresh as the AD Taylor Cotton Yoga Socks can easily absorb and evaporate sweat, keeping your feet dry without bacteria and bad odor.

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