Smart Track 1- Heart Rate Monitor/ GPS Tracker/ Activity Tracker/ Sleep Monitor/ Life Waterproof- Excellent For Running, Sports, Watch, Fitness Tracking, not fitbit

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*GPS Tracker* You can use the app and GPS system on your phone to record and save your favourite jogging routes *TRACKING YOUR FITNESS*: Your Activity Tracker records your steps, calories and distance. You can review this accurate and consistent date on your phone and then maintain, improve or just observe your activity *HEART RATE MONITOR*- The tracker also has a heart rate monitor and consistently tracks your heart rate throughout the day. Now you can have a reliable indication of how hard your heart is working while performing different tasks. Please note this is not a medical grade device. *SLEEP MONITORING*: The device tracks the time it takes you to fall asleep. It also shows the hours spent in deep sleep and light sleep. Now you can see exactly what your sleep quality is like. You can use this information to improve your sleep quality. you will have real evidence of how much your sleep quality has improved by trying different things. *REMIND ALERTS*:The Tracker also has caller ID. When connected to your phone it will alert you of an incoming call by vibrating and show you who is calling. You can also set vibrating alarms for waking up, moving around and reminders for meetings, medication and appointments and anything else you want. *PHONE LOSS PREVENTION*: You can also set your tracker to vibrate when your phone is out of Bluetooth range. preventing you from losing it. You can also use the tracker to find your phone as well *REMOTE CAMERA CONTROL*: Your tracker will also allow you to capture photos from your phone. You can point your phones camera where you want it and then get in the picture with your friends. *AFTER SALES SUPPORT*: Our dedicated customer service team will be available to answer any questions or concerns you may have. We answer our emails on Amazon within 12 hours !

Product Features

  • This tracker records Steps, distance, calories and is a heart rate monitor. You can also record your running routes using your Apple or Android phones GPS and the trackers app. The tracker only works with apple and android devices
  • The tracker also monitors your sleep. Now you can record the hours you spend in light and deep sleep
  • The tracker also acts as an alarm/reminder by vibrating to alert you at any times you set through the app
  • You can use this tracker to take photos from your phone. it can also give you text notifications and call alerts
  • Each tracker comes with a 12 month warranty and unrivalled customer support.

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