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#1 Biggest Fat Loss Mistake (STOP THIS NOW!!)

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What’s the biggest weight loss mistake most women make? Paying too much attention to scale weight is one of the worst weight loss mistakes. If you’re looking to achieve bodyfat loss, the scale isn’t the most accurate tool to gauge progress. There are a number of reasons why we name this the worst weight loss mistake and we’ll explain just why in this video.

The first reason only relying on scale weight is our #1 weight loss mistake is because it makes you go crazy. We can get addicted to scale weight and weigh ourselves too many times per day. Our natural weight also tends to fluctuate throughout the day, from day to day and depending on time of the month. This is why scale weight is not a reliable way to gauge progress, and is one of the worst dieting mistakes we see.

Another reason why scale weighing is our biggest weight loss mistake is because it can make you think that you’ve made progress when maybe you haven’t. If you are losing muscle weight or water weight instead of fat, this may reflect on the scale, but not reflect the reality of whether you’ve achieved any fat loss.
Another reason why weighing yourself is our worst weight loss mistake is because it can also make you think you haven’t progressed when indeed you have! You may have lost bodyfat and gained muscle mass but weigh the same. This is one of the biggest reasons why we say weighing yourself or relying on scale weight is one of the biggest fat loss mistakes. If you are looking to avoid the worst weight loss mistakes, check out our complete Athlean-XX for Women program

Here are the biggest reasons to ditch the scale:

1) It’s making you go crazy
2) Makes you think you’ve progressed when you haven’t
3) Makes you think you’re not progressing when you are

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9 thoughts on “#1 Biggest Fat Loss Mistake (STOP THIS NOW!!)

  1. Scales are evil. Measures dehydration far better than fat loss. I can lose or gain upto 5 lbs in a day according to the scales, DO NOT TRUST THEM!!!

    1. Highsgg Hfs Maybe. I understand it’s not uncommon for weight to fluctuate due to hydration levels tho 🙂

  2. Nice video. Ummm….is that your boob hanging out of your top. Kind of a weird look, couldn’t figure out what was going on.

  3. Throughout my formative years, one of my mom’s often-repeated fitness mantras was “Never ‘go by” a scale. EVER.” She cited the reasons Amy Joe mentioned, plus a few more—and advised in its place to monitor how our clothes are fitting—maybe even having a particular piece which fits at our ‘best’ weight, and trying it on every so often to see. She’d also point out that we are all intelligent enough to know, deep down, if we’ve been following our fitness diet and workout routines, anyway. I am now in my 40’s, and have lived by this credo all of my adult life. Have never had a scale in my home. Thinking back, I had a couple of friends in college who were obsessed with weight gain, and their entire outlook on life was based on the number they read that morning on the scale. Of course, not everyone is this way, but I know for myself that ANY number I’d see on the scale would be “too much”, even if I were “skin and bones” LOL….especially since I have a decent amount of muscle which weighs more. Just My Opinion…..but (for me, anyway) MOM and Amy Joe are RIGHT!!!

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